Table of Contents

Editor; Contributors; Preface; Chapter 1: Therapeutic challenges in cerebral ischemia; Chapter 2: Arterial recanalization.
potential and limitations; Chapter 3: Collateral perfusion, microcircualtion & venous pathophysiology; Chapter 4: Venous steal in cerebral ischemia; Chapter 5: Systemic hemodynamic therapies for acute ischemic stroke; Chapter 6: Oxygen therapy for acute ischemic stroke; Chapter 7: Neuroprotection in acute ischemic stroke; Chapter 8: Hemorrhagic transformation.
causes, definitions and treatment. This work reflects on those aspects of cerebrovascular ischemia that currently pose formidable challenges to effective treatment or, alternatively, that potentially offer tremendous opportunities for the future. The authors provide a scholarly review of current interventions, their advantages and shortcomings, as well as offering important insights into the likely direction of future therapeutic targets and strategies.