Table of Contents

Nursing at the scene of the crime / Rebecca Neeld and Tom Clarke.
The dynamics of difference / Anne Aiyegbusi.
Life on the borders of thought / Alan Corbett.
Complaints as a tool for bullying / Celia Taylor.
Your friends and neighbours : professional boundary violations : a review of perpetrator typologies and impact on clients / Jonathan Coe.
"Mirror mirror" : parallel processes in forensic institutions / Gwen Adshead.
Single-sex units as a defence against anxiety? / Anna Motz.
Annihilating the other : forensic aspects of organisational change / Martin Wrench.
How to (almost) murder a profession: the unsolved mystery of British social work / Andrew Cooper.
Couples who kill : the malignant bonding / Estela Welldon.
Infanticide and paedophilia as a defence against incest : work with a man with a severe intellectual disability / Valerie Sinason.
The bereaved families forum : finding the other within / Pam Kleinot.
What makes a secure setting secure? / Stanley Ruszczynski.
The traumatised-organisation-in-the-mind : opening up space for difficult conversations in difficult places / Christopher Scanlon.
Some challenges to the capacity to think, link and hope in the provision of psychotherapy for the learning disabled / Earl Hopper. This groundbreaking book explores the psychodynamics and socio-politics of the forensic therapeutic milieu, addressing some of the most difficult and complex issues facing practitioners. It sets out a psycho-social framework for understanding the predicament and the needs of those who live in and those who work in forensic mental health settings. It brings to life the thinking of those working on the frontline in an increasingly difficult and hostile environment, and draws together fresh and stimulating approaches to engagement with highly complex individuals who present challenges to traditio.