Table of Contents

The movementization of NGOs' women's organizing in postwar Bosnia-Herzegovina / Elissa Helms.
Failed development and rural revolution in Nepal : rethinking subaltern consciousness and women's empowerment / Lauren Leve.
Crossbreeding institutions, breeding struggle : women's empowerment, neoliberal governmentality, and state (re)formation in India / Aradhana Sharma.
Global civil society and the local costs of belonging : defining violence against women in Russia / Julie Hemment.
Resolving a gendered paradox : women's participation and the NGO boom in north India / Kathleen O'Reilly.
Power and difference in Thai women's NGO activism / LeeRay M. Costa.
Demystifying microcredit : the Grameen Bank, NGOs, and neoliberalism in Bangladesh / Lamia Karim.
Feminist bastards : toward a posthumanist critique of NGOization / Saida Hódi?.
Lived feminism(s) in postcommunist Romania / Laura Grünberg.
Women's advocacy networks : the European Union, women's NGOs, and the Velvet Triangle / Sabine Lang.
Beyond NGOization? : reflections from Latin America / Sonia E. Alvarez.
Feminisms and the NGO form / Victoria Bernal and Inderpal Grewal.