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THE WEDDING REPORT A PROTOTYPICAL APPROACH TO THE STUDY OF TRADITIONAL TEXT TYPES; Editorial page; Title page; Copyright page; Acknowledgments; Table of contents; List of Tables; Typographical Conventions; PART ONE. PRELIMINARIES; Chapter 1. Introduction; Chapter 2. Wedding Reports in Local Newspapers: Introducing the Text Type; PART TWO. KEY CONCEPTS AND APPROACHES; Chapter 3. Text Type and Text Typology: Linguistic Approaches and Language Reality; Chapter 4. Traditional Text Type: The Concept and Its Implications For Methods and Aims; Chapter 5. The Wedding Report as a News Text Type Traditional text types (or genres) are complex linguistic, sociocultural and cognitive phenomena that can only be analysed in flexible interdisciplinary frameworks fusing structural and process-oriented approaches and combining quantitative description with qualitative interpretation and evaluation. The theoretical and methodological implications of the prototypical text type concept which is developed in this book are explored in an exhaustive case study of a representative (ie prototypical) genre: the wedding report, a conventional type of news report published in local English newspapers. Th.