Table of Contents

Ch. 1. Introduction : the psychoanalytic study of welfare.
Ch. 2. Borderline states of mind and society.
Ch. 3. The state of mind we're in : sincerity, anxiety, and the audit society.
Ch. 4. The psychic geography of racism : the state, the clinician, and hatred of the stranger.
Ch. 5. The broken link : polemic and pain in mental health work.
Ch. 6. Surface tensions : emotion, conflict, and the social containment of dangerous knowledge.
Ch. 7. Surface and depth in the Victoria Climbie inquiry report : exploring emotionally intelligent policy.
Ch. 8. The vanishing organization : organizational containment in a networked world.
Ch. 9. Conclusion : complex dependencies and the dilemmas of modern welfare.
Ch. 10. Methodological reflections : clinical sensibility and the study of the social. Which "forms of feeling" are facilitated and which discouraged within the cultures and structures of modern state welfare? This book illuminates the social and psychic dynamics of these new public cultures of welfare, locating them in relation to our understanding of borderline states of mind in individuals, organizations and society. Part of the Tavistock Clinic Series.