Table of Contents

Essays by Giovanni Pontiero.
Authors' comments on the translator's work.
Editors' comments on collaboration with the translator.
Literary critics' & translators' comments on the translations.
Giovanni Pontiero, 1932-1996.
Coisas = Things : a story / by José Saramago ; translated by Giovanni Pontiero. The Translator's Dialogue: Giovanni Pontiero is a tribute to an outstanding translator of literary works from Portuguese, Luso-Brasilian, Italian and Spanish into English. The translator introduced authors such as Carlos Drummond de Andrade, Manuel Bandeira, Clarice Lispector and José Saramago to the English reading world.Pontiero's essays shed light on the process of literary translation and its impact on cultural perception. This process is exemplified by Pontiero the translator and analyst, some of the authors he collaborated with, publishers' editors and literary critics and, finally, by a