Table of Contents

Recognizing, defining, and representing problems / Jean E. Pretz, Adam J. Naples, and Robert J. Sternberg.
The acquisition of expert performance as problem solving : construction and modification of mediating mechanisms through deliberate practice / K. Anders Ericsson.
Is success or failure at solving complex problems related to intellectual ability? / Dorit Wenke and Peter A. Frensch.
Creativity : a source of difficulty in problem solving / Todd I. Lubart and Christophe Mouchiroud.
Insights about insightful problem solving / Janet E. Davidson.
The role of working memory in problem solving / David Z. Hambrick and Randall W. Engle.
Comprehension of text in problem solving / Shannon Whitten and Arthur C. Graesser.
Motivating self-regulated problem solvers / Barry J. Zimmerman and Magda Campillo.
Feeling and thinking : implications for problem solving / Norbert Schwarz and Ian Skurnik.
The fundamental computational biases of human cognition : heuristics that (sometimes) impair decision making and problem solving / Keith E. Stanovich.
Analogical transfer in problem solving / Miriam Basok.
Problem solving.
large/small, hard/easy, conscious nonconscious, problem-space/problem-solver : the issue of dichotomization / Kenneth Kotovsky.