Table of Contents

Ch. 1. How to Become a Court Interpreter and a Brief Sketch of the Work.
Ch. 2. Case Preparation.
A: Context and Documents.
Ch. 3. Case Preparation.
B: Terminology, Reference Books and Dictionaries.
Ch. 4. In the Courtroom: Ethics, Roles, Procedures.
Ch. 5. The Rich Potential for Error.
Ch. 6. Translation of Legal Documents.
Ch. 7. Tape Transcription and Translation.
Ch. 8. The Interpreter as Expert Witness.
Ch. 9. Continuing Your Education and Enjoying It.
App. 1: The Court Interpreters Act of 1978.
App. 2: Seltzer and Torres-Cartagena v. Foley et al., 1980.
App. 3: Court Interpreters Amendments Act (1988).
App. 4: Suggested Interpreter Oaths.