Table of Contents

Findings : the global economic landscape.
Japan : a dual economy.
Europe : falling behind.
The United States : consumer is king.
Korea : following Japans path.
Brazil : big government is big problem.
Russia : distorted market economy.
India : bad economic management from democratic government.
Patterns : clear and strong.
Why bad economic policy around the world?.
New approaches.
So what. The disparity between rich and poor countries is the most serious, intractable problem facing the world today. The chronic poverty of many nations affects more than the citizens and economies of those nations; it threatens global stability as the pressures of immigration become unsustainable and rogue nations seek power and influence through extreme political and terrorist acts. To address this tenacious poverty, a vast array of international institutions has pumped billions of dollars into these nations in recent decades, yet despite this infusion of capital and attention, roughly five billion of the world's six billion people continue to live in poor countries. What isn't working? And how can we fix it? This book provides answers to these questions.