Table of Contents

Demo / Geoffrey Bennington.
On the multiple senses of democracy / Jean-Luc Nancy.
The art of the impossible? / Derek Attridge.
Impossible speech acts / Andrew Parker.
The crisis of critique and the awakening of politicisation in Levinas and Derrida / Robert Bernasconi.
The popularity of language: Rousseau and the mother-tongue / Anne Berger.
In light of light: on Jan Patocka's nation of Europe / Rodolphe Gasche.
Phenomenology to come: Derrida's ellipses / Joanna Hodge.
From (within) without: the ends of politics / Marc Froment-Meurice.
Thinking (through) the desert (le pensee du desert) with(in) Jacques Derrida / Laurent Milesi.
Graphematics, politics and irony / Claire Colebrook.
The irony of deconstruction and the example of Marx / Richard Beardsworth.
Karl Marx and the philosopher's or, on theory and practice / Martin McQuillan.