Table of Contents

Introduction : Becoming aware of the new unconscious / James S. Uleman.
Who is the controller of controlled processes? / Daniel M. Wegner.
Bypassing the will : toward demystifying the nonconscious control of social behavior / John A. Bargh.
The interaction of emotion and cognition : the relation between the human amygdala and cognitive awareness / Elizabeth A. Phelps.
The power of the subliminal : on subliminal persuasion and other potential applications / Ap Dijksterhuis, Henk Aarts, and Pamela K. Smith.
Nonintentional similarity processing / Arthur B. Markman and Dedre Gentner --The mechanics of imagination : automaticity and control in counterfactual thinking / Neal J. Roese, Lawrence J. Sanna, and Adam D. Galinsky.
Compensatory automaticity : unconscious volition is not an oxymoron / Jack Glaser and John F. Kihlstrom.
Nonconscious control and implicit working memory / Ran R. Hassin.
Folk theory of mind : conceptual foundations of human social cognition / Bertram F. Malle.
The development of the intention concept : from the observable world to the unobservable mind / Jodie A. Baird and Janet Wilde Astington.
Theory of mind : conscious attribution and spontaneous trait inference / Angeline S. Lillard and Lori Skibbe.
The glimpsed world : unintended communication and unintended perception / Y. Susan Choi, Heather M. Gray, and Nalini Ambady.
Beyond the perception-behavior link : the ubiquitous utility and motivational moderators of nonconscious mimicry / Tanya L. Chartrand, William W. Maddux, and Jessica L. Lakin.
Implicit impressions / James S. Uleman, Steven L. Blader, and Alexander Todorov.
Attitudes as accessibility bias : dissociating automatic and controlled processes / B. Keith Payne, Larry L. Jacoby, and Alan J. Lambert.
The unconscious relational self / Susan M. Andersen, Inga Reznik, and Noah S. Glassman.
The control of the unwanted / Peter M. Gollwitzer, Ute C. Bayer, and Kathleen C. McCulloch.
Motivational sources of unintended thought : irrational intrusions or side effects of rational strategies? / E. Tory Higgins.
Going beyond the motivation given : self-control and situational control over behavior / Yaacov Trope and Ayelet Fishbach.