Table of Contents

Front Matter.
Colour Plates.
Section One: Conceptualising Mapping. Introductory Essay: Conceptualising Mapping / Rob Kitchin, Martin Dodge, Chris Perkins.
General Theory, from / Jacques Bertin.
On Maps and Mapping, from / Arthur H Robinson, Barbara B Petchenik.
The Science of Cartography and its Essential Processes / Joel L Morrison.
Analytical Cartography / Waldo R Tobler.
Cartographic Communication / Christopher Board.
Design on Signs/Myth and Meaning in Maps / Denis Wood, John Fels.
Deconstructing the Map / J B Harley.
Drawing Things Together / Bruno Latour.
Cartography without ₁Progress₂: Reinterpreting the Nature and Historical Development of Mapmaking / Matthew H Edney.
Exploratory Cartographic Visualisation: Advancing the Agenda / Alan M MacEachren, Menno-Jan Kraak.
The Agency of Mapping: Speculation, Critique and Invention / James Corner.
Beyond the ₁Binaries₂: A Methodological Intervention for Interrogating Maps as Representational Practices / Vincent J Del Casino, Stephen P Hanna.
Rethinking Maps / Rob Kitchin, Martin Dodge.
Colour Plates.
Section Two: Technologies of Mapping. Introductory Essay: Technologies of Mapping / Martin Dodge, Rob Kitchin, Chris Perkins.
A Century of Cartographic Change, from / Mark S Monmonier.
Manufacturing Metaphors: Public Cartography, the Market, and Democracy / Patrick H McHaffie.
Maps and Mapping Technologies of the Persian Gulf War / Keith C Clarke.
Automation and Cartography / Waldo R Tobler.
Cartographic Futures on a Digital Earth / Michael F Goodchild.
Cartography and Geographic Information Systems / Phillip C Muehrcke.
Remote Sensing of Urban/Suburban Infrastructure and Socio-Economic Attributes / John R Jensen, Dave C Cowen.
Emergence of Map Projections, from / John P Synder.
Mobile Mapping: An Emerging Technology for Spatial Data Acquisition / Rongxing Li.
Extending the Map Metaphor Using Web Delivered Multimedia / William Cartwright.
Imaging the World: The State of Online Mapping / Tom Geller.
Colour Plates.
Section Three: Cartographic Aesthetics and Map Design. Introductory Essay: Cartographic Aesthetics and Map Design / Chris Perkins, Martin Dodge, Rob Kitchin.
Interplay of Elements, from / Eduard Imhof.
Cartography as a Visual Technique, from / Arthur H Robinson.
Generalisation in Statistical Mapping / George F Jenks.
Strategies for the Visualisation of Geographic Time-Series Data / Mark Monmonier.
The Roles of Maps, from / Alan M MacEachren.
Area Cartograms: Their Use and Creation / Daniel Dorling. An Online Tool for Selecting Colour Schemes for Maps / Mark Harrower, Cynthia A Brewer.
Maps, Mapping, Modernity: Art and Cartography in the Twentieth Century / Denis Cosgrove.
Affective Geovisualisations / Stuart Aitken, James Craine.
Egocentric Design of Map-Based Mobile Services / Liqiu Meng.
The Geographic Beauty of a Photographic Archive / Jason Dykes, Jo Wood.
Colour Plates.
Section Four: Cognition and Cultures of Mapping. Introductory Essay: Cognition and Cultures of Mapping / Chris Perkins, Rob Kitchin, Martin Dodge.
Map Makers are Human: Comments on the Subjective in Maps / John K Wright.
Cognitive Maps and Spatial Behaviour: Process and Products / Roger M Downs, David Stea.
Natural Mapping / James M Blaut.
The Map as Biography: Thoughts on Ordnance Survey Map, Six-Inch Sheet Devonshire CIX, SE, Newton Abbot / J B Harley.
Reading Maps / Eileen Reeves.
Mapping Reeds and Reading Maps: The Politics of Representation in Lake Titicaca / Benjamin S Orlove.
Refiguring Geography: Parish Maps of Common Ground / David Crouch, David Matless.
Understanding and Learning Maps / Robert Lloyd.
Citizens as Sensors: The World of Volunteered Geography / Michael F Goodchild.
Usability Evaluation of Web Mapping Sites / Annu-Maaria Nivala, Stephen Brewster, Tiina Sarjakoski.
Colour Plates.
Section Five: Power and Politics of Mapping. Introductory Essay: Power and Politics of Mapping / Rob Kitchin, Martin Dodge, Chris Perkins.
The Time and Space of the Enlightenment Project, from / David Harvey.
Texts, Hermeneutics and Propaganda Maps / John Pickles.
Mapping: A New Technology of Space; Geo-Body, from / Thongchai Winichakul.
First Principles of a Literary Cartography, from / Graham Huggan.
Whose Woods are These? Counter-Mapping Forest Territories in Kalimantan, Indonesia / Nancy Lee Peluso.
A Map that Roared and an Original Atlas: Canada, Cartography, and the Narration of Nation / Matthew Sparke.
Cartographic Rationality and the Politics of Geosurveillance and Security / Jeremy W Crampton.
Affecting Geospatial Technologies: Toward a Feminist Politics of Emotion / Mei-Po Kwan.
Queering the Map: The Productive Tensions of Colliding Epistemologies / Michael Brown, Larry Knopp.
Mapping the Digital Empire: Google Earth and the Process of Postmodern Cartography / Jason Farman.
Colour Plates.