Table of Contents

A nation of gated communities / Setha M. Low.
Warmaking as the American way of life / Catherine Lutz.
Republic of fear : the rise of punitive governance in America / Roger N. Lancaster.
Neoliberalism, or the bureaucratization of the world / David Graeber.
The age of Wal-Mart / Jane L. Collins.
Deindustrializing Chicago : a daughter's story / Christine J. Walley.
Racism, risk, and the new color of dirty jobs / Lee D. Baker.
Normal insecurities, healthy insecurities / Joseph Dumit.
Cultivating insecurity : how marketers are commercializing childhood / Juliet B. Schor.
Uneasy street / T.M. Luhrmann.
Body and soul : profits from poverty / Brett Williams.
Useless suffering : the war on homeless drug addicts / Philippe Bourgois.
Walling out immigrants / Peter Kwong.
Compounding insecurity : what the neocon core reveals about America today / Janine R. Wedel.
Deploying law as a weapon in America's war on terror / Susan F. Hirsch.
Death and dying in anxious America / Nancy Scheper-Hughes.
Get religion / Susan Harding. Americans are feeling insecure. They are retreating to gated communities in record numbers, fearing for their jobs and their 401(k)s, nervous about their health insurance and their debt levels, worrying about terrorist attacks and immigrants. In this innovative volume, editors Hugh Gusterson and Catherine Besteman gather essays from nineteen leading ethnographers to create a unique portrait of an anxious country and to furnish valuable insights into the nation's possible future. With an incisive foreword by Barbara Ehrenreich, the contributors draw on their deep knowledge of different facets o.