Table of Contents

Introduction: the individual and tradition / Ray Cashman, Tom Mould, and Pravina Shukla.
Entering tradition: Kim Ellington, Catawba Valley potter / Charles G. Zug.
Delight in skill: the stone carvers' art / Marjorie Hunt.
The "Talking Machine Story Teller": Cal Stewart and the remediation of storytelling / Richard Bauman.
Chief Ovia Idah: Bricoleur of Benin City and a star for all times / Philip M. Peek.
Place matters: a wooden boat builder in the twenty-first century / Maggie Holtzberg.
A backdoor into performance / Tom Mould.
The maintenance of heritage: Kersti Jobs-Björklöf and Swedish folk costume / Pravina Shukla.
The world of ogre-tile makers: the Onihyaku line in Hekinan, Japan / Takashi Takahara.
Bringing them back: Wanda Aragon and the revival of historic pottery designs at Acoma / Karen M. Duffy.
Artistic courage in small groups: identity, intermediality, and Indian Country / Michael Robert Evans.
Navigating the legends of Treasure Island: narrative, maps and the material / Greg Kelley.
Fluid identities: Madame d'Aulnoy, Mother Bunch, and fairy-tale history / Jennifer Schacker.
Counting the stars: the study of creativity on a human scale, or how a bunch of Cajun and German farmers and fabricators in Louisiana invented a traditional amphibious boat / John Laudun.
On middle-range structures in heroic epic / William Hansen.
The role of tradition in the individual: at work in Donegal with Packy Jim McGrath / Ray Cashman.
Customizing myth: the personal in the public / John Holmes McDowell.
David Drake: potter, poet, rebel / John Michael Vlach.
The mother's voice: an analysis of the content of Turkish lullabies / İlhan Bașgöz.
Contested performance and joke aesthetics / Elliott Oring.
Vernacular interpretation in a public folklore event: listening to the call of Florida fiddlers, three / Gregory Hansen.
Georgia decoy maker Ernie Mills: a folk artist defines his work / John A. Burrison.
Rapid transportation / Lee Haring.
Working through tradition: rug farming in Anatolia / George Jevremović.
A few of my favorite things about North Carolina pottery / Mark Hewitt.
That's where I came in : Henry and his teachers / Robert Cochran.
At the Black Pig's Dyke and other writing: crossing borders of art and tradition / Vincent Woods.
A folklorist's work: Henry Glassie's life in the field / Ray Cashman, Tom Mould, and Pravina Shukla.