Table of Contents

Of God or a salamander : the creative human as indiscrete image.
"I am" : technological modernity, theological tradition, and the human in question.
The living image : infinitude, unknowing, and creative capacity in mystical anthropology.
Of the indefinite human : religion and the nature of technological culture.
Here comes everybody : technopoetics and mystical tradition in Joyce.
To inherit : the birth of possible worlds. Humanity's creative capacity has never been more unsettling than it is at our current moment, when it has ushered us into new technological worlds that challenge the very definition of "the human." Those anxious to safeguard the human against techno-scientific threats often appeal to religious traditions to protect the place and dignity of the human. But how well do we understand both theological tradition and today's technological culture? In The Indiscrete Image, Thomas A. Carlson challenges our common ideas about both, arguing instead that it may be humanity's final lack of definition that.