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The Handbook of Plant Mutation Screening: Mining of Natural and Induced Alleles; Contents; Preface; List of Contributors; Abbreviations; Part I Induced Mutations; 1 Physically Induced Mutation: Ion Beam Mutagenesis; 2 Ds Transposon Mutant Lines for Saturation Mutagenesis of the Arabidopsis genome; 3 Use of Mutants from T-DNA Insertion Populations Generated by High-Throughput Screening; 4 Making Mutations is an Active Process: Methods to Examine DNA Polymerase Errors; 5 Tnt1 Induced Mutations in Medicago: Characterization and Applications; Part II Mutation Discovery. Induced mutagenesis is a common and promising method for screening for new crops with improved properties. This title introduces the different methods and then focuses on the screening, detection and analysis of the novel mutations. Written by a global team of authors the book is an indispensable tool for all scientists working on crop breeding in industry and academia.