Table of Contents

Conversation analysis and psychology / Jonathan Potter & Derek Edwards. Conversation analysis and linguistics / Barbara A. Fox, Sandra A. Thompson, Cecilia E. Ford & Elizabeth Couper-Kuhlen. Epistemics in conversation / John Heritage. Question design in conversation / Kaoru Hayano. Response design in conversation / Seung-Hee Lee. Reference in conversation / N.J. Enfield. Phonetics and prosody in conversation / Gareth Walker. Grammar in conversation / Harrie Mazeland. Storytelling in conversation / Jenny Mandelbaum. Interaction among children / Mardi Kidwell. Conversation analysis and the study of atypical populations / Charles Antaki & Ray Wilkinson. Conversation analysis in psychotherapy / Anssi Peräkylä. Conversation analysis in medicine / Virginia Teas Gill & Felicia Roberts. Conversation analysis in the classroom / Rod Gardner.
Conversation analysis in the courtroom / Martha Komter. Conversation analysis in the news interview / Steven E. Clayman. Conversation analysis and sociology / John Heritage & Tanya Stivers. Conversation analysis and communication / Wayne A. Beach. Conversation analysis and anthropology / Ignasi Clemente . Everyone and no one to turn to : intellectual roots and contexts for conversation analysis / Douglas W. Maynard. The conversation analytic approach to data collection / Lorenza Mondada. The conversation analytic approach to transcription / Alexa Hepburn & Galina B. Bolden. Basic conversation analytic methods / Jack Sidnell. Action formation and ascription / Stephen C. Levinson. Turn design / Paul Drew. Turn-constructional units and the transition-relevance place / Steven E. Clayman. Turn allocation and turn sharing / Makoto Hayashi. Sequence organization / Tanya Stivers. Preference / Anita Pomerantz & John Heritage. Repair / Celia Kitzinger. Overall structural organization / Jeffrey D. Robinson. Embodied action and organizational activity / Christian Heath & Paul Luff. Gaze in conversation / Federico Rossano. Emotion, affect and conversation / Johanna Ruusuvuori. Affiliation in conversation / Anna Lindström & Marja-leena Sorjonen.