Table of Contents

Skill in theory: communication as skilled behaviour / Owen Hargie. - Skill in practice: an operational model of communicative performance / Owen Hargie. - Nonverbal communication as communication: approaches, issues and research / Randall A. Gordon, Daniel Druckman, Richard M. Rozelle and James C. Baxter. - Questioning / David Dickson and Owen Hargie. - Reinforcement / Len Cairns. - Reflecting / David Dickson. - Explaining / George Brown. - Self-disclosure: strategic revelation of information in personal and professional relationships / Charles H. Tardy and Kathryn Dindia. - The process of listening / Robert N. Bostrom. - Humour and laughter / Hugh Foot and May McCreaddie. - Persuasion / Daniel J. O'Keefe. - Asserting and confronting / Richard F. Rakos. - Interacting in groups / Arjaan Wit. - Negotiating and bargaining / Ian E. Morley. - Relational communication / Megan K. Foley and Steve Duck. - The employment interview / Rob Millar and Anne Tracey. - The helping interview: developmental counselling and therapy / Sandra A. Rigazio-DiGilio and Allen E. Ivey. - The appraisal interview reappraised / Dennis Tourish. - The cognitive interview / Amina Memon. - Training in communication skills: research, theory and practice / Owen Hargie