Table of Contents

Definition of the Great Equal Society; Retrenchment of Social Values in Both East and West; Restoring Inner Morality in the Age of Scientific Materialism; Proposals for Better Government; Whether Democracy is for China; Addressing Corruption and Crony Capitalism; Dehumanizing Forces of Market Competition; Proposals for Building a Humane Economy; Reining in the Competition for Higher Educational Credentials; Confucian Theory of Lifelong Self-Cultivation; Key Features of the New "China Model"; Diplomacy for a Great Nation; How China Can Save the Earth; Illustration of the Great Equal Society in the Modern Context. A society without lawsuits, this is how Confucius famously described his vision of utopia on earth, called the Great Equal Society. For Confucius, widespread litigation was the symbol of mistrust and contention which characterized a money-grabbing society. Instead of spending a fortune on armies of lawyers and thick contracts, should we not restore humanity and morality to our society, so that we do not have to sue one another? In this paradigm-shifting book, the authors apply the core insights of Confucianism to hyper-modern issues facing mankind, including rising inequality,rampant individualism, and environmental degradation, particularly as they concern contemporary China. For those who despair that there is no alternative to the single-minded pursuit of profit in the economic realm and endless bickering of interest groups in the political realm, this book conveys a message of hope: it is surely possible to build a compassionate and humane society, even in today's hyper-competitive world of global capitalism.