Table of Contents

Ch. 1. Medical ontology.
Ch. 2. The question never asked.
Ch. 3. The organic solution.
Ch. 4. The motive faculty of the soul.
Ch. 5. Pascal's question.
Ch. 6. The path not taken.
Ch. 7. Sciences of complexity.
Ch. 8. Post-cartesian thought world.
Ch. 9. National Institute of Warts and All.
Ch. 10. The ghost in the machine.
Ch. 11. Founding myth.
Ch. 12. The shadow of subjectivity.
Ch. 13. The anxious heart.
Ch. 14. Late night thoughts while listening to Mahler.
Ch. 15. Complementary medicine.
Ch. 16. For want of a vocabulary.
Ch. 17. The birth of psychobiology.
Ch. 18. Paradigm shift.
Ch. 19. The placebo meta-effect and infomedical science.
Ch. 20. Nature as self-referential and biocultural medicine.
Ch. 21. The metaphysical foundations of modern science.
Ch. 22. The primordial fireball, a work in progress?.
Ch. 23. Humanizing medical science: the systems loop.
Ch. 24. Subjectivity and the messengers of information.