Table of Contents

Part I. The Economics of the European Union: 1. Old Europe, new Europe: the role of the European Union; 2. A dispute over origins: the European view vs. the American perspective; 3. The customs union and the diversion of trade; 4. The Common Agricultural Policy and reforms: feeding Europe and then some; 5. The Euro: the ultimate currency reform?; 6. The European Central Bank in action; 7. The single market: from eliminating non-tariff barriers to enforcing competition; 8. The single market in labor: from refugees to Schengen; 9. The single market in capital: from Bretton Woods to Maastricht; 10. The EU's regional policy and development policy; 11. The EU and the US as economic superpowers compared; Part II. The Economies of Europe: 12. The German economy: problems with reunification; 13. The French economy: problems with assimilation; 14. The British economy: after Thatcher, what next?; 15. The Italian economy: political reform vs. economic reform; 16. The small open countries: free trade or customs union?; 17. The Scandinavian union: or separate ways?; 18. The late-comers: lessons in preparation; 19. The new-comers: building institutions; 20. The future members: customs union as substitute or stage one for the EU.