Table of Contents

Ecological effects of aviation / T. Kelly and J. Allan.
The local costs to ecological services associated with high seas global transport / R. Mann.
Shipwrecked : shipping impacts on the biota of the Mediterranean Sea / B.S. Galil.
Snakes and ladders : navigable waterways as invasion corridors / B.S. Galil and D. Minchin.
The transport and the spread of living aquatic species / D. Minchin.
Small craft and the spread of exotic species / D. Minchin ... [et al.].
The environmental impacts of private car transport on the sustainability of Irish settlements / R. Moles, W. Foley and B. O'Regan.
Mortality in wildlife due to transportation / A. Seiler and J.-O. Helldin.
Habitat fragmentation due to transport infrastructure : practical considerations / E. O'Brien.
Restoring habitat connectivity across transport corridors : identifying high-priority locations for de-fragmentation with the use of an expert-based model / E.A. van der Grift and R. Pouwels.
Habitat and corridor function of rights-of-way / M.P. Huijser and A.P. Clevenger.
Impact of road traffic on breeding bird populations / R. Reijnen and R. Foppen.
Towards the sustainable development of modern road ecosystems / L.M.J. Dolan et al..
Environmental impacts of transport, related to tourism and leisure activities / J. Davenport and T.A. Switalski.
Contaminants and pollutants / D. Stengel, S. O'Reilly and J. O'Halloran.