Table of Contents

CONTENTS; PART I. Introduction; 1 Biogeography; 2 Phylogeography; 3 Evolution; 4 Ecological Classification; PART II. Habitats and Associated Fishes; SOFT SUBSTRATA; HARD SUBSTRATA; PELAGIC HABITATS; PART III. Population and Community Ecology; 14 Feeding Mechanisms and Trophic Interactions; 15 Recruitment; 16 Predation; 17 Competition; 18 Disturbance; PART IV. Behavioral Ecology; 19 Reproduction; 20 Movement and Activity Patterns; 21 Symbiotic Relationships; PART V. Spatial and Temporal Change; 22 Subsistence, Commercial, and Recreational Fisheries; 23 Pollution; 24 Alien Fishes. 25 Climate Change and Overexploitation. This accessible reference provides a synthesis and interpretation of the information in the field of ecology of marine fishes. It focuses on the fauna of the eastern Pacific especially the fishes of the coast of California but touches on many fields.