Table of Contents

"Race", gender and the concept of "difference" in feminist thought / Mary Maynard.
Tracing the contours : feminist research and feminist objectivity / Kum-Kum Bhavnani.
Doing black mental health research : observations and experiences / Erica Wheeler.
Gender, race and ethnicity in official statistics : social categories and the HIV/AIDS "numbers game" / Anne Akeroyd.
Race, ethnicity and nationality : some questions of identity / Sheila Allen.
Refusing to be civilized : "race", sexuality and power / Beverley Skeggs.
Muslim women in West Yorkshire : growing up with real and imaginary values amidst conflicting views of self and society / Haleh Afshar.
"Race" and "culture" in the gendering of labour markets : South Asian young Muslim women and the labour market / Avtar Brah.
A single or segregated market? Gendered and racialized divisions / Annie Phizacklea.
The tension between ethnicity and work : immigrant women in the Netherlands / Helma Lutz.
Violence against women : experiences of South African domestic workers / Bunie M. Matlanyane Sexwale.
Racism and sexism in academic practice : a case study / Haideh Moghissi. This work is on the inter-relationships of race and gender, and the consequences of racism, for women of different backgrounds. The book aims to contribute to the debate and understanding in this area. Emphasis has been given to age, class, disability, race and sexuality.