Table of Contents

The farm workforce--trends, ajustments, and technical change: Hired farm labour adjustments and constraints / Jill L. Findeis; Examining farm worker images / Susan Gabbard, Alicia Fernandez-Mott and Daniel Carroll; Changes in the labour intensity of agriculture : a comparison of California, Florida, and the USA / Wallace Huffman; Family settlement and technological change in labour-intensive US agriculture / Richard Mines.
Hired farm labour, employers and community response: Demographics, income and choices : seasonal farm workers in southwest Florida / Fritz Roka and Robert D. Emerson; Management of Hispanic employees on New York dairy farms : a survey of farm managers / Thomas R. Maloney; The dynamics of the Washington farm labour market / Dawn Thilmany and Mike Miller; The economic impact of migrant farmworkers on southeastern Michigan / Rene P. Rosenbaum; Community response to the introduction of Hispanic migrant agricultural workers into central Kentucky / Beckie Mullin Denton; Does experience as a US farmworker provide returns in the Mexican labour market? / Steven S. Zahniser and Michael J. Greenwood; Income distribution and farm labour markets / Robert D. Emerson and Fritz Roka; Rural deprivation and farm worker deprivation : who's at 'the sharp end' of rural inequalities in Australia? / Jim McAllister; The role of the state in Manitoba farm labour force formation / Avis Mysyk; Cycles of deepening poverty in rural California : the San Joaquin Valley towns of McFarland and Farmersville / Fred Krissman; Farm worker health and safety.
Safety and health attitudes and practices in migrant farm labour families / Robert Seiz and Eleanor Pepi Downey; Hired farm labour and health insurance coverage / Paul McNamara and Christine Ranney; Seasonal migration : farm workers in the Alaska fishing and seafood industry and the impact on health care systems in communities where they work / Patricia Hennessy.
Data comparisons: A comparison of data sources for hired farm labor research : the NAWS and the CPS /Janelle M. Larson ... [et al.]