Table of Contents

1. Introduction Hugh McLeod; Part I: 2. The secularisation decade: what the 1960s have done to the study of religious history Callum G. Brown; 3. Christendom in decline: the Swedish case Eva M. Hamberg; 4. New Christianity: indifference and diffused spirituality Yves Lambert; Part II: 5. Established churches and the growth of religious pluralism: a case study of Christianisation and secularisation in England since 1700 David Hempton; 6. Catholicism in Ireland Sheridan Gilley; 7. Long-term religious developments in the Netherlands, c. 1750-2000 Peter Van Rooden; 8. The potency of 'Christendom': The example of the 'Darmstadter Wort' (1947) Martin Greschat; Part III: 9. The dechristianisation of death in modern France Thomas Kselman; 10. The impact of technology on Catholicism in France (1850-1950) Michel Lagree; 11. Semantic structures of religious change in modern Germany Lucian Holscher; Part IV: 12. Master-narratives of long-term religious change Jeffery Cox; 13. A missiological postscript Werner Ustorf.