Table of Contents

Acknowledgments; 1 Introduction; 2 Hippies and Preachers: The History of the Children of God; 3 War of the Spirit: Political and Religious Ideology; 4 Survival: Socioeconomic Relations; 5 New Bottles: Socialization of Children and Converts; 6 Conclusion; Postscript, 1993; Glossary; Bibliography; Index. Wangerin examines one small symbolic revolution against American capitalist culture. It was carried out by youth who were painfully and personally aware of the problems of what they called the System, though they did not necessarily understand the underlying causes of their problems. They called themselves the Children of God. Wangerin studied the Children of God from 1973-1978 in the United States, Mexico, and Italy and has kept in touch with some of them ever since. This is one of the most thorough studies of the controversial cult founded in 1968 by David Berg, and the only ethnography that.