Table of Contents

Chemical synthesis of modified RNA / Claudia Höbartner and Falk Wachowius.
Expansion of the genetic alphabet in nucleic acids by creating new base pairs / Ichiro Hirao and Michiko Kimoto.
Chemical biology of DNA replication : probing DNA polymerase selectivity mechanisms with modified nucleotides / Andreas Marx.
Nucleic-acid-templated chemistry / Michael Oberhuber.
Chemical biology of peptide nucleic acids (PNA) / Peter E. Nielsen.
The interactions of small molecules with DNA and RNA / Yun Xie, Victor Tam and Yitzhak Tor.
The architectural modules of folded RNAs / V. Fritsch and Eric Westhof.
Genesis and biological applications of locked nucleic acid (LNA) / Harleen Kaur and Souvik Maiti.
Small non-coding RNA in bacteria / Sabine Brantl.
Microrna-guided gene silencing / Gunter Meister.
Nucleic acids based therapies / Britta Hoehn and John J. Rossi.
Innate immune recognition of nucleic acid / Stefan Bauer.
Light-responsive nucleic acids for the spatiotemporal control of biological processes / Alexander Heckel and Günter Mayer.
DNA methylation / Albert Jeltsch and Renata Z. Jurkowska.
Frameworks for programming RNA devices / Maung Nyan Win, Joe C. Liang and Christina D. Smolke.
RNA as a catalyst : the Diels-Alderase-ribozyme / Andres Jäschke.
Evolving an understanding of RNA function by in vitro approaches / Qing Wang and Peter J. Unrau.
The chemical biology of aptamers : synthesis and applications / Günter Mayer & Bernhard Wulffen.
Nucleic acids as detection tools / Jeffrey C.F. Lam, Sergio Aguirre and Yingfu Li.
Bacterial riboswitch discovery and analysis / Tyler D. Ames and Ronald R. Breaker.