Table of Contents

Front Matter.
Chemistry and Biology of DNA Lesions. Introduction and Perspectives on the Chemistry and Biology of DNA Damage / Nicholas E Geacintov, Suse Broyde.
Chemistry of Inflammation and DNA Damage: Biological Impact of Reactive Nitrogen Species / Michael S De Mott, Peter C Dedon.
Oxidatively Generated Damage to Isolated and Cellular DNA / Jean Cadet, Thierry Douki, Jean-Luc Ravanat.
Role of Free Radical Reactions in the Formation of DNA Damage / Vladimir Shafirovich, Nicholas E Geacintov.
DNA Damage Caused by Endogenously Generated Products of Oxidative Stress / Charles G Knutson, Lawrence J Marnett.
Polycyclic Aromatic Hydrocarbons: Multiple Metabolic Pathways and the DNA Lesions Formed / Trevor M Penning.
Aromatic Amines and Heterocyclic Aromatic Amines: From Tobacco Smoke to Food Mutagens / Robert J Turesky.
Genotoxic Estrogen Pathway: Endogenous and Equine Estrogen Hormone Replacement Therapy / Judy L Bolton, Gregory R J Thatcher.
New Frontiers and Challenges: Understanding Structure.
Function Relationships and Biological Activity. Interstrand DNA Cross-Linking 1,2-Deoxyguanosine Adducts Derived from a, [beta]-Unsaturated Aldehydes: Structure-Function Relationships / Michael P Stone, Hai Huang, Young-Jin Cho, Hye-Young Kim, Ivan D Kozekov, Albena Kozekova, Hao Wang, Irina G Minko, R Stephen Lloyd, Thomas M Harris, Carmelo J Rizzo.
Structure-Function Characteristics of Aromatic Amine-DNA Adducts / Bongsup Cho.
Mechanisms of Base Excision Repair and Nucleotide Excision Repair / Orlando D Schorer, Arthur J Campbell.
Recognition and Removal of Bulky DNA Lesions by the Nucleotide Excision Repair System / Yuqin Cai, Konstantin Kropachev, Marina Kolbanovskiy, Alexander Kolbanovskiy, Suse Broyde, Dinshaw J Patel, Nicholas E Geacintov.
Impact of Chemical Adducts on Translesion Synthesis in Replicative and Bypass DNA Polymerases: From Structure to Function / Robert L Eoff, Martin Egli, Peter Guengerich.
Elucidating Structure-Function Relationships in Bulky DNA Lesions: From Solution Structures to Polymerases / Suse Broyde, Lihua Wang, Dinshaw J Patel, Nicholas E Geacintov.
Translesion Synthesis and Mutagenic Pathways in Cells / Sushil Chandani, Edward L Loechler.
Insight into the Molecular Mechanism of Translesion DNA Synthesis in Human Cells using Probes with Chemically Defined DNA Lesions / Zvi Livneh.
DNA Damage and Transcription Elongation: Consequences and RNA Integrity / Kristian Dreij, John A Burns, Alexandra Dimitri, Lana Nirenstein, Taissia Noujnykh, David A Scicchitano.
Index. A modern reference on a key topic in biochemical toxicology that reaches out into molecular biology, molecular medicine and environmental science, The Chemical Biology of DNA Damage covers basic concepts as well as the analysis and prediction of genotoxicty at the molecular level.