Table of Contents

Introduction: The Life of Rog Bande Sherab Ō.
A Lamp for the Teachings..
Part I: The Buddha and His Doctrine, What Is To Be Known. Introduction ; How the Buddha Was Enlightened ; How the Dharma Was Taught and Compiled ; The Categorization of the Dharma and the Dissemination of Tantra ; Exoteric Scriptures and Treatises ; The Esoteric Tradition ; Types of Tantras and Tantric Literature ; The Differences Between Various Doctrinal Categories..
Part II: The Nine Vehicles, Knowing Agents. Non-Buddhists ; The Hinayana ; The Mind Only School ; The Madhyamaka ; The Outer Tantras ; The Inner Tantras..
Part III: The Nonduality of Knowledge and Known Things. Nonduality and the Buddhist Path. This book is a study of the life and work of Rog Bande Sherab (1166-1244). Rogben, as he is known, studied under some of the greatest teachers of his day. An itinerant scholar and yogi, he devoted his life to collecting important textual cycles and meditation techniques. Rogben's most important work, 'The Lamp of the Teachings', the work translated in these pages, cuts across the genres of history, doctrinal studies, and doxography. It is also one of the earliest philosophically robust explanations of the 'nine vehicle' system of the Ancient or Nyingma school of Tibetan Buddhism.