Table of Contents

Introduction to the Aphasia therapy file.
-- Part 1: Alternative Forms of Output.
-- Introduction to part 1 : When there's no spoken output.
Needs, function, and measurement : Juggling with multiple language impairment / Deborah Harding and Carole Pound.
Drawing on the semantic system : The use of drawing as a therapy medium / Jon Hunt.
Increasing effective communication using a total communication approach / Richard Lawson and Maggie Fawcus.
-- Part 2: Word Retrieval Therapies.
-- Introduction to part 2 : Therapies for word finding utilising orthographic relay strategies.
An intensive strategy-based therapy programme for impaired spelling / Jane Mortley.
Naming therapy for an aphasic person with fluent empty speech / Morwenna White-Thomson.
A treatment programme for an impairment in reading function words / Jenny Sheridan.
-- Part 3: "Beyond the Single Word" Therapies.
-- Introduction to part 3 : Therapies addressing impairments in processing verbs and sentences.
Doing something about a verb impairment : Two therapy approaches / Jane Marshall.
Early stages in treating a person with non-fluent aphasia / Alison Greenwood.
"Who ends up with the fiver?" A sentence production therapy / Jane Marshall.
An informal example of a successful therapy for a sentence processing deficit / Kate Swinburn.