Table of Contents

Introduction / R. Shishoo.
Market overview / D. Buirski.
Key trends in sportswear design / S. Bramel.
Material requirements for the design of performance sportswear / J. McCann.
Functional sport footwear / M. Nebo.
High-performance and high-functional fibres and textiles / T. Stegmaier, J. Mavely and P. Schneider.
Smart and intelligent textiles and fibres / H. Meinander.
Coated and laminated textiles in sportswear / W. Fung.
Physiological comfort of sportswear / V.T. Bartels.
Elastic textiles / J. Voyce, P. Dafniotis and S. Towlson.
Is protection part of the game? Protection against impact using clothing and personal equipment / R.M. Laing and D.J. Carr.
Protection against cold / I. Holmér.
Water resistance and water vapour transfer / J.E. Ruckman.
Textile composites in sports products / K. Van de Velde.
Textiles in sailing / R. Buckley.
Textile use in sport shoes / E.C. Frederick and C. Wojcieszak.