Table of Contents

The evolution of three-dimensional echocardiography: how did it happen.
Technical principles of transthoracic three-dimensional echocardiography.
3D transesophageal echocardiographic technologies.
Three-dimensional echocardiography in clinical practice.
Advanced evaluation of LV functions with 3D echocardiography.
Three-dimensional echocardiographic evaluation of the mitral valve.
Three-dimensional echocardiographic evaluation of LV dyssynchrony and stress testing.
Three-dimensional echocardiography of aortic valve.
Three-dimensional echocardiographic evaluation of the right ventricle.
Three-dimensional echocardiography in congenital heart disease.
Three-dimensional echocardiography to assess intra-cardiac masses.
Real time three dimensional transesophageal echocardiography for guidance of catheter based interventions.
Future developments of three-dimensional echocardiography.
Real time three-dimensional transesophageal echocardiography.
The role of echocardiography in the surgical management of degenerative mitral valve disease.
Visualization and assessment of coronary arteries with three-dimensional echocardiography.
Assessment of tricuspid valve morphology and function.
Role of three-dimensional echocardiography in drug trials. This Textbook will give the reader a detailed understanding of the use of 3D echo covering a wide range of topics; from the evolution of RT3D echo to the role of RT3D echo in drug trials, including chapters on the Principles of Transthoracic and Transesophageal Real-time 3D echocardiography. Other books in this area are more varied, less specific.