Table of Contents

Introduction to epidemiologic research methods / Chung-Cheng Hsieh and Jerome A. Fleming.
Analysis of categorized data: use of the odds ratio as a measure of association / Robert F. Woolson and Stephen L. Hillis.
Methods in psychiatric genetics / Stephen V. Faraone, Ming T. Tsuang, and Debby Tsuang.
The national comorbidity survey / Ronald C. Kessler and Ellen Walters.
Mental health services research / Jack D. Burke, Jr..
The pharmacoepidemiology of psychiatric medications / Philip S. Wang, Alexander M. Walker, and Jerry Avorn.
Studying the natural history of psychopathology / William W. Eaton.
The developmental epidemiology of psychiatric disorders / Mary Cannon, Matti Huttunen, and Robin Murray.
Reliability / Patrick E. Shrout.
Validity: definitions and applications to psychiatric research / Jill M. Goldstein and John C. Simpson.
Birth and development of psychiatric interviews / Lee N. Robins.
Symptom scales and diagnostic schedules in adult psychiatry / Jane M. Murphy.
DSM-IV and psychiatric epidemiology / Michael B. First.
Epidemiology of psychosis with special reference to schizophrenia / Evelyn J. Bromet, Mary Amanda Dew, and William W. Eaton.
Peering into the future of psychiatric epidemiology / Ezra Susser, Michaeline Bresnahan, and Bruce Link.
Epidemiology of depression and anxiety disorders / Ewald Horwath, Rose C. Cohen, and Myrna M. Weissman.
Epidemiology of bipolar disorder / Mauricio Tohen and Jules Angst.
The epidemiology of first onset mania / Peter Jones and T. Lloyd.
Epidemiology of alcohol use, abuse, and dependence / Nancy L. Day and Gregory G. Homish.
Epidemiology of drug dependence / James C. Anthony and John E. Helzer.
Personality disorders: epidemiological findings, methods, and concepts / Michael J. Lyons and Beth A. Jerskey.
Epidemiology and geriatric psychiatry / Celia F. Hybels and Daniel G. Blazer.
Epidemiology of affective and anxiety disorders in children / Kathleen Merikangas.