Welcome to Terkko's course page for Managing Scientific Information (1 ECTS).
It's tailored for participants in Doctoral School in Health Sciences
DSHealth Courses

The course takes place in Terkko's PC-class and in Moodle learning environment. Course language is English. 
The course consists of face-to-face sessions (hands-on), Moodle material and exercises.
- max 15 participants/course

Jan Feb 2019 course enrolment in weboodi: https://weboodi.helsinki.fi/ (course identifier: 921130)
Registration by 28.02.2019
Course in Doctoral School in Health Sciences (DSHealth) site: https://courses.helsinki.fi/en/921130/126917556

The course consists of four modules:

1. Introduction:
- presentation: the participants & course modules (overview)
- course environment
- Terkko Navigator (e-journals, e-books, databases, visibility services etc.)
March 2019 course: Thursday 7.3. at  9:30-11:00 (in English)

2. Workshop in Information retrieval and current awareness
- Introduction to systematic search
- Information retrieval in own subject
March 2019 course: Thursday 14.3. at 9:30-11:30 (in English)

3. Open Scence, Publishing and reference management
3.1 Bibliometrics, Open access, ResearcherID & ORCID, TUHAT (1 hour 15min)
3.2 RefWorks (1h 15min)
March 2019 course: Wednesday 20.3. at 9:30-12 (in English)

4. Research data management & Urkund
- Research Data management (1h15min)
- Urkund: Plagiarism recognition system (15min)
March 2019 course: Thursday 28.3. at 9:30-11:00 (in English)

Managing Scientific Information Course in Moodle

Any questions about this course "Managing Scientific Information", please contact: Tiina Heino tiina.m.heino (at) helsinki.fi
Any questions about the Doctoral School in Health Sciences, please contact: dshealth-office@helsinki.fi? 

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