Table of Contents

The rise of whisky and the origins of temperance in Scotland.
Drink and society in Abderdeen from the 17th century to the early 19th century.
The anti-spirits temperance movement in Aberdeen 1830-1838.
Drink and society: the rise of total abstinence in Aberdeen 1838-1845.
Tee-totalism- spreading the message of total abstinence 1838-1845.
Tactics of the Aberdeen total abstinence movement 1838-1845.
Opposition to the Aberdeen total abstinence movement 1838-1845.
Socio-economic background of the supporters of the anti-drink crusade in Aberdeen 1838-1945.
The ongoing cause of temperence.
Conclusion. A first time historical analysis and case study of the Temperance Movement in the mid-19th century Scotland, focusing on Aberdeen. The main focus of the book is to examine who the temperance reformers were but also what motivated them. By drawing from local newspapers, writings, and speeches and studying the rhetoric that the temperance movement used, the book also shows that the movement was not one uniform movement and that it was shaped by religious, political, industrial, and urban influences.