Table of Contents

Telephone triage in women's health care : logistical and legal considerations.
Assessing the obstetric/gynecologic patient by telephone.
Counseling basics and challenges in telephone triage.
The use of online information retrieval in telephone triage.
Preconceptual and infertility overview.
Prenatal screening overview.
1st trimester overview.
2nd trimester overview.
3rd trimester overview.
Postpartum and neonatal overview.
Abnormal bleeding and spotting overview.
Amenorrhea overview.
Barrier contraceptives overview.
Breast complaints overview.
Emergency contraception overview.
Implanon overview.
Injectable contraceptives overview.
Intrauterine contraception overview.
Hormone therapy overview.
Natural family planning overview.
Pelvic complaints overview.
Systemic hormonal contraception overview : combined oral contraceptive pills, NuvaRing, Ortho-Evra, progesterone-only pills.
Overview of other women's health issues.