Table of Contents

List of Chinese Dynasties.
Introduction: The Framework of Everyday Life: Technology, Women and Cultural History.
pt. 1. Building a Tradition: The Construction of Chinese Social Space. 1. House Form and Meaning. 2. Encoding Patriarchy. 3. The Text of the Chinese House.
pt. 2. Women's Work: Weaving New Patterns in the Social Fabric. 4. Fabrics of Power: The Canonical Meanings of Women's Work. 5. Economic Expansion and Changing Division of Labor. 6. Women's Work and Women's Place.
pt. 3. Meanings of Motherhood: Reproductive Technologies and Their Uses. 7. Medical History and Gender History. 8. Reproductive Medicine and the Dual Nature of Fertility. 9. Reproductive Hierarchies. Conclusion: Gynotechnics and Civilization.