Table of Contents

Editors' foreword / Cay Dollerup and Anne Loddegaard.
National Perspectives and the Future. The professional translator of tomorrow: language specialist or all-round expert? / Mary Snell-Hornby. Bilingual education and terminology training: a Brunei case study / Brian D. Smith. Training translators in post-apartheid, democratic South Africa / Anne Marie Beukes.
Teaching Translation: Ways and Means. Text analysis in translator training / Christiane Nord. Translation theory: four fundamental aspects / Rune Ingo. Introducing theory in a course of translation: a Chilean case study / Patricia Hormann. Teacher's tools in a translation class / Gabriella Mauriello. Developing translation skills / Maria Julia Sainz. Teaching translation of fiction--a dialogic point of view / Riitta Oittinen. Goals of a revision course / Brian Mossop.
An Interdiscipline and Its Affiliation.