Table of Contents

Editors' foreword / Cay Dollerup and Vibeke Appel.
Teaching the history of translation / Judith Woodsworth.
The emergence of the teaching of translation / Cay Dollerup.
Translation curricula development in Chinese communities / Eva Hung.
theory: communicative horizons / Christopher Larkosh.
Translation theory teaching: connecting theory and practice / Adolfo Gentile.
Teaching translation theory: the significance of memes / Andrew Chesterman.
Contrastive culture learning in translator training / Heidrun Witte.
Teaching social and cultural differences / Alexander Krouglov.
Ethnocultural peculiarities in translation for special purposes / Antonina Badan.
Postmodernism and the teaching of translation / Rosemary Arrojo.
Reinforcing or changing norms in subtitling / Irena Kovacic.
The sentence group: the key discoursal unit / Li Yunxing.
Teaching dialogue interpreting / Leong Ko.