Table of Contents

Section 1: What ought a course on death accomplish?.
What should a course on death and dying accomplish? : death education in an undergraduate religion course / Lucy Bregman.
Ethical issues in teaching death and dying : pedagogical aims in end-of-life ethics / Christian Perring.
Section 4: Practical applications of a course on death.
Teaching death and dying : a pastoral theological approach / G. Lee Ramsey.
Death, loss, and bereavement : the role of social work / Estelle Hopmeyer.
Psychology, grief, and the student / David E. Balk.
Section 3: Media as teacher and aid to teaching.
The virtual resurrection : technology, violence, and interpretations of death in a southern university classroom / Diana Walsh Pasulka.
What would Spielberg do? : using mainstream films to teach visions of the afterlife / Michael McKenzie.
Section 4: Death in context.
Death and dying in history / Albert N. Hamscher.
Teaching outside the classroom : the use of site visits / Kathleen Garces-Foley.
Section 5: Literatures of death and on death.
Literature, textbook, and primary source : constructing the reading list / Sarah Pinnock.
Listen to the dark : death and dying in music, film, and literature / Amir Hussain.
Love letters to the dead : immortal gifts for the lifelong learner / Dorothy Lander and John Graham-Pole.
Section 6: Course overviews.
How death and dying can act as an introduction to world religion / Vanessa R. Sasson.
Death, dying, and transcendence / Brenda Appleby.
Section 7: Life after death.
Life after death : an overview of contemporary beliefs for teachers / Paul Badham.
Why an investigation of paranormal experience should be an essential component of a course on death / L. Stafford Betty. The academic study of death rose to prominence during the 1960s. Courses on some aspect of death and dying can now be found at most institutions of higher learning. However, these courses tend to stress the psycho-social aspects of grief and bereavement, ignoring the religious elements inherent to the subject. This book addresses the teaching of courses on death and dying from a religious studies perspective. The book is divided into seven sections. The hope is that this book will help to unify a field that is now widely scattered across several disciplines.