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TALKING AT CROSS-PURPOSES; Editorial page; Title page; LCC data; Dedication; Acknowledgements; Table of contents; Chapter 1. Introduction; Chapter 2. Previous Work on Miscommunication; Chapter 3. The Creation of Miscommunication: Linguistic Context; Chapter 4. The Creation of Miscommunication: Situational Context; Chapter 5. The Development of Miscommunication in Situated Discourse; Chapter 6. Miscommunication, Face-Threats and Facework in Social Interaction; Chapter 7. Conclusion; Bibliography; References; Author Index; Subject Index; PRAGMATICS AND BEYOND NEW SERIES. Misunderstandings have been examined extensively in studies on cross-cultural (mis)communication which associate them with participants' differing cultural backgrounds and/or linguistic knowledge. Drawing on a large corpus of misunderstandings from cross- and intra-cultural encounters, this book argues that miscommunication does not relate exclusively to participants' background differences or similarities, but that its creation and development are tightly interwoven with the dynamic manner in which social encounters unfold. Against a backdrop of Pragmatics, Conversation Analysis and Goffman's.