Table of Contents

Towards an integrated approach to syntactic variation / Leonie Cornips and Karen Corrigan.
A modular approach to sociolinguistic variation in syntax / Peter Muysken.
Selective optionality in language development / Antonella Sorace.
Syntactic variation and spoken language / Jenny Cheshire.
Idiolectal variation and syntactic theory / Alison Henry.
Focus raising / Judit Gervain and Gabór Zemplén.
Variation and the minimalist program / David Adger and Jennifer Smith.
Principles and parameters in charge / Elly van Geldren.
Morphosyntactic variation and theory / Ruth King.
Word order variation in three-verb clusters and the division of labour between generative linguistics and sociolinguistics / Sjef Barbiers.
The third dimension of person features / Paola Benincà and Cecilia Poletto. The papers in this collection share a common interest in the empirical, theoretical and meta-theoretical aspects of the 'internal-external' ('formal-functional') debate in linguistic theory. The primary aim of this volume is to initiate cooperation between internationally renowned generative and variationist linguists with a view to developing an innovative and more cohesive approach to syntactic variation. The present volume contains treatments incorporating the analysis of external factors into accounts focusing on the internal linguistic conditioning of syntactic variation and change cross-