Table of Contents

Syntax and Lexis in Conversation; Editorial page; Title page; LCC data; Table of contents; List of contributors; Introduction; Syntactic resources in conversation; Syntax and prosody as methods for the construction and identification of turn-constructional units in conversation; Parenthesis as a resource in the grammar of conversation; Delayed self-repairs as a structuring device for complex turns in conversation; Pivot constructions in spoken German; The use of marked syntactic constructions in Italian multi-party conversation; Grammatical constructions in r̀̀eal life practices'' This volume is a collection of current work at the interface of linguistics and conversation analysis. The focus is on linguistic items in their action contexts: syntactic structures and lexical items in data from natural conversations in six European languages: Danish, English, Finnish, German, Italian and Swedish. Some of the studies deal with similar practices in two different languages, which enables cross-linguistic comparisons. The notion of 'construction' is brought together with an interactional perspective; the fact that constructions cannot always be clearly analysed as either syntac.