Table of Contents

Facilitator of learning / Sonya R. Hardin.
The acutely and critically ill adult patient sample questions / Michael W. Day.
The acutely and critically ill pediatric patient sample questions / Deborah L. Bingaman and Roberta Kaplow.
The acutely and critically ill neonatal patient sample questions / Beth C. Diehl-Svrjcek.
Advanced practice questions: adult nurse practitioner / Darla Ura and Linda Steele.
Advanced practice questions: clinical nurse specialist / Roberta Kaplow.
The care of the acutely and critically ill adult patient in the progressive care unit sample questions / Marthe J. Moseley. Introduction to the AACN synergy model for patient care / Sonya R. Hardin.
Resiliency / Roberta Kaplow.
Vulnerability / Roberta Kaplow.
Stability / Roberta Kaplow.
Complexity / Roberta Kaplow.
Resource availability / Roberta Kaplow.
Participation in care / Roberta Kaplow.
Participation in decision making / Roberta Kaplow.
Predictability / Roberta Kaplow.
Clinical judgment / Sonya R. Hardin and Daphne Stannard.
Advocacy/moral agency / Daphne Stannard and Sonya R. Hardin.
Caring practices / Sonya R. Hardin.
Collaboration / Sonya R. Hardin.
Systems thinking / Sonya R. Hardin.
Response to diversity / Sonya R. Hardin.
Clinical inquiry / Sonya R. Hardin --