Table of Contents

Part 1. Race, class, gender, and defining the sweatshop and modern shop in progressive America. Eastern European Jews and the rise of a transnational garment economy ; "The great Jewish métier" : factory inspectors, Jewish workers, and defining the sweatshop, 1880-1910 ; "A race ignorant, miserable and immoral" : sweatshop danger and labor in the home, 1890-1910 ; Workers made well : home, work, homework, and the model shop, 1910-1930.
pt. 2. Women and gender in the sweatshop and in the anti-sweatshop campaign. Gaunt men, gaunt wives : femininity, masculinity, and the worker question, 1880-1909 ; Inspecting bodies : sexual difference and strategies of organizing, 1910-1930 ; "Swallowed up in a sea of masculinity" : factionalism and gender struggles in the ILGWU, 1910-1934