Table of Contents

Sustainability accounting and reporting : development, linkages and reflection : an introduction / Stefan Schaltegger, Martin Bennett, Roger Burritt.
Corporate sustainability accounting : a catchphrase for compliant corporations or a business decision support for sustainability leaders? / Stefan Schaltegger, Roger Burritt.
Towards a monetised triple bottom line for an alcohol producer : using stakeholder dialogue to negotiate a 'licence to operate' by constructing an account of social performance / David Bent.
Integrating sustainability into traditional financial analysis / Juan Pineiro Chousa, Noelia Romero Castro.
The concept of corporate resource efficiency accounting : a case study in the electronic industry / Timo Busch, Christa Liedtke, Severin Beucker.
Accounting for health and safety costs : review and comparison of selected methods / Pall Rikhardsson.
Implementing standard costing with an aim to guiding behaviour in sustainability orientated organisations / Thomas Heupel.
Achieving environmental-economic sustainability through corporate environmental strategies : empirical evidence on environmental shareholder value / Marcus Wagner.
The impact of carbon constraints on competitiveness and value creation in the automotive industry / Niki Nikolaus Rosinski.
Traditional accounting return ratios and business sustainability : an incompatible relationship in the context of Greek strategic business units / Benjamin Karatzoglou.
Is there a market payoff for being green at the lima stock exchange? / Samuel Mongrut Montalvan, Jesus Tong Chang.
Integrating and reporting an organisation's economic, social and environmental performance : the expanded value added statement / Laurie Mook.
Corporate sustainability reporting : an overview / Christian Herzig, Stefan Schaltegger.
Taking the GRI to scale : towards the next generation of sustainability reporting guidelines / Ralph Thurm.
The JEPIX initiative in Japan : a new ecological accounting system for a better measurement of eco-efficiency / Nobuyuki Miyazaki.
The green-budget matrix model : theory and cases in Japanese companies / Yoshihiro Ito, Hiroyuki Yagi, Akira Omori.
Quality of physical environmental management accounting information : lessons from pollutant release and transfer registers / Roger Burritt, Chika Saka.
Benchmarking environmental performance in the English university sector : the experience of the higher education environmental performance improvement (HEEPI) project / Martin Bennett, Peter Hopkinson, Peter James.
Environmental management accounting in Czech companies that have implemented environmental management systems / Jaroslava Hyrslova, Miroslav Hajek.
Corporate environmental accounting and reporting in China : current status and the future / Hua Xiao.
Development of corporate environmental accounting in Korea : case studies and policy implications / Byung-Wook Lee, Seung-Tae Jung, Jeong-Heui Kim.
Understanding and supporting management decisionmaking : South East Asian case studies on environmental management accounting / Christian Herzig, Tobias Viere, Roger Burritt, Stefan Schaltegger.
Just a paper tiger? : exploration of sustainability reporting as a corporate communication instrument / Frank Ebinger, Martha Fani Cahyandito, Roderich von Detten, Achim Schluter.
Interactive sustainability reporting : developing clear target group tailoring and stimulating stakeholder dialogue / Ralf Isenmann, Ki-Cheol Kim.
Corporate sustainability reporting : evidence from the first Swiss benchmark survey / Claus-Heinrich Daub, Ylva Karlsson.
Comparability of sustainability reports : a comparative content analysis of Austrian sustainability reports / Markus Langer.
Computer support for environmental management accounting / Andreas Moller, Martina Prox, Tobias Viere.
Environmental performance measurement using the EPM-KOMPAS approach as one step towards sustainability : the assessment method in the EPM-KOMPAS approach as a guide for SMEs towards better environmental performance / Edeltraud Gunther, Susann Kaulich.
Web-based environmental management systems for SMEs : enhancing the diffusion of environmental management in the transportation sector / Adeline Maijala, Tuula Pohjola.
Managing sustainability performance measurement and reporting in an integrated manner : sustainability accounting as the link between the sustainability balanced scorecard and sustainability reporting / Stefan Schaltegger, Marcus Wagner.