Table of Contents

Cover; Table of Contents; Chapter 1 Forehead, Eyebrows, Eyelids, and Canthi; 1-1 Forehead; 1-2 Temporal Region Anatomy, Superficial Temporal Artery, and Seventh Nerve; 1-3 Upper Eyelid; 1-4 Lower Eyelid and the Eyelid-Cheek Junction Area; Suggested Readings; Chapter 2 Orbital Bones; 2-1 Overview of Orbit; 2-2 Orbital Walls; 2-3 Sphenoid Bone and Intracranial Compartments; 2-4 Apertures; 2-5 Orbital Margin (Orbital Rim); Suggested Readings; Chapter 3 Orbital Connective Tissue; 3-1 Overview of Orbital Connective Tissue; 3-2 Tenon's Capsule; 3-3 Anterior Orbital Connective Tissue Framework. Surgical Anatomy of the Ocular Adnexa is a beautifully and thoughtfully illustrated anatomical text that provides the ophthalmic surgeon or any surgeon working in the eyelid/orbital region with detailed yet concise, easy to read and understand descriptions of the anatomy in any particular region of the eyelid, orbit or nasolacrimal system. Throughout the text are clinical pearls and vignettes to help the reader appreciate why certain anatomical features are important to understand. Key anatomical concepts are highlighted and easy to visualize with real cadaver photos as well as the artists ren.