Table of Contents

Biologic considerations / Terry J. Fruits, Sharukh S. Khajotia, Jerry W. Nicholson.
Patient evaluation and problem-oriented treatment planning / William F. Rose Jr., Carl W. Haveman, and Richard D. Davis.
Esthetic considerations in diagnosis and treatment planning / J. William Robbins.
Color and shade matching / Rade Paravina.
Caries management : diagnosis and treatment strategies / Bennett Amaechi, J. Peter van Amerongen, Cor van Loveren, and Edwina A.M. Kidd.
Pulpal considerations / Thomas J. Hilton and James B. Summitt.
Nomenclature and instrumentation / James B. Summitt.
Field isolation / James B. Summitt.
Bonding to enamel and dentin / Lorenzo Breschi, Jack Ferracane, Thomas Hilton.
Direct anterior restorations / Marcos A. Vargas, David F. Murchison, Joost Roeters, and Daniel C.N. Chan.
Direct posterior esthetic restorations / Thomas J. Hilton and James C. Broome.
Amalgam restorations / J.D. Overton, James B. Summitt, and John W. Osborne.
Diagnosis and treatment of root caries / Bruce Matis, Carlos Gonalez, Mike Cochran.
Fluoride-releasing materials / Deniz Cakir-Ustun, Nathaniel C. Lawson, and John O. Burgess.
Class 5 restorations / J.D. Overton, Mark L. LittleStar, and Clifford B. Starr.
Natural tooth bleaching / Van B. Haywood, Juliana DaCosta, and Thomas G. Berry.
Porcelain veneers / Jeffrey S. Rouse and J. William Robbins.
Anterior ceramic crowns / Jeffrey S. Rouse.
Esthetic inlays and onlays / Dennis J. Fasbinder and J. William Robbins.
Cast-gold restorations / Patrice P. Fan, Richard Stevenson, and Thomas G. Berry.
Restoration of endodontically treated teeth / James C. Broome and J. William Robbins.