Table of Contents

"The torpedo is born.
First World War fire control techniques.
Between the wars.
An analysis of the fire control problem.
The Second World War.
The Era of the GUPPY.
From Tang to Nautilus.
A most unusual torpedo.
Skipjack, the convergence of Nautilus and Albacore.
The Sturgeon-class submarine.
The Los Angeles class submarine.
The ballistic missile submarine.
The Seawolf and Virginia submarines.
The future of American submarines.
Appendix A: A glossary of submarine fire control terminology.
Appendix B: An evolution of submarine torpedo fire control equipment." "The reader travels through World War II and the Cold War as submarines and torpedoes enter the nuclear age. Filled with diagrams and illustrations the narration carries the reader into the attack center as "battle stations torpedo!" resounds through a submarine's compartments"--